Cute toes – check.


I went to the Wild Orange Spa in Abbotsford with my sisters and we got pedicures. Perfect timing for my trip this weekend! I love the colour I got on my toes, but to be honest, I just think blue is an odd colour for toenail polish. I think I should have done some kind of pink, but I couldn’t resist how pretty this colour was when I saw it on the colour swatch at the spa.

The colour is O.P.I.’s “Austin-atious Turquoise” from the Texas nail polish collection. Yeehaw! They also have a Katy Perry collection, a Pirates of the Caribbean collection, (my sister got “Mermaid’s Tears” on her toes,) and a Serena Williams “Glam Slam” series. Fun!


3 thoughts on “Cute toes – check.

  1. Justin Bieber collection? That would be interesting. I just love my Mermaid’s Tears, I bought a bottle of it at Chatters. Hope your toes are enjoying the vacation!

  2. I didn’t see the Justin Bieber collection, but I will admit I did like the Katy Perry colours. The pedicure was really good, it’s been a week and still looks like new. I’m going to do hot pink next, though. Still can’t get over blue toenails. It just doesn’t look right.

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