Look what I made!

My daughter doesn’t have a nightstand and I’ve been meaning to buy her one. Not wanting to spend a lot on a kid’s nightstand (call me cheap if you want,) I checked Ikea and they don’t have a nightstand under $100, a little more than I really wanted to spend.

So last week I was driving home and I noticed this lying by the side of the road:


I’m not the kind of person who can see potential in things that look crappy and then be able to transform them into something cool, funky or even functional. I have never been able to go to Value Village and be able to make a cute outfit from quirky vintage clothing items; I just end up looking like I’m wearing some garbage from a second-hand store. So the fact that I saw this item and knew immediately what I wanted to do with it was something!

After seeing it there for two days, I got my husband to pick it up and bring it home for me. I was originally planning to just sand it, but a friend advised that I get paint stripper so I could just scrape the paint off and then gently sand it. Thank god I talked to her first! That made the job so much easier.



Finally the spraying of the new colour. Spraypaint was a bit of a pain in the arse because it dripped a lot while I was spraying and I got unsightly drips, especially on the back of the bottom cabinet part. That will probably end up holding books and notebooks, so it won’t be that noticeable, but annoying nonetheless.


She asked for a knob for the drawer that “looks like a crystal” and I think it adds the perfect finishing touch. I’m just adding a coat of clear gloss to seal the paint and help it to resist scratches, and I’ll post a picture of the final product.

Not bad for a free nightstand and about $35 in supplies! I feel so handy and smart!


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