Happy New Year 2012


As I write this, I’m sitting in the lobby of a resort in the Dominican Republic. The open air is humid but warm, and people are everywhere, dressed up for the evening, drinks being prepared by the hundreds at the bar to my right, and Spanish music being played in the stage area somewhere in the far corner. There’s a festive feeling in the air, and it’s my favourite night of the year.

It hasn’t been the easiest trip so far: after spending the entire night preparing, (never made it to bed, because I had to dye my hair – long story – and damn it, those towels were getting folded before I left if it killed me!) and departing for the airport at 4am, an 8 hour flight, with a stop in Puerto Plata where we watched the biggest rainstorm we’ve seen in a long time, and turbulence on the last leg of the trip, I arrived to discover my luggage didn’t make the flight. However, I am ready to welcome 2012, even if I’m only wearing the same yoga pants, sneakers and hoodie I’ve been wearing for the past 40 hours.

Fortunately, my luggage has been located, but it looks like won’t make it here tonight. So no dressing up for me and welcoming the new year looking my best. No mind, because as I told Carly in a belated ‘happy birthday’ email earlier, we have decided to walk the two minutes from our hotel room and ring in the new year on the beach, our feet in the waves of the Atlantic and watching the endless number of stars in the sky, with the palm trees swishing in the wind as our background music. Our daughter is having the time of her life and I’m so happy to see her happy. Our son, well, he’s nearly a teenager and he’s happy there’s free food in this all-inclusive resort!

So before I go, I wish anyone reading this a wonderful, dream-achieving, life living 2012, whether you’re dressed to the nines or in your comfies like me. Make this the year you always wanted instead of waiting for that time to come. Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2012

  1. I can’t wait to hear about this trip and about how your year is going to be shaped! You are and always have been a major inspiration in my life and in my heart. Nice to hear from you (here) again. xo

  2. It was a great trip, thanks Amy!

    Carly, I can’t wait to tell you my vision and hear all about yours. And your other comment – through tears I tell you that it’s always nice to know you mean something to someone. 🙂

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