Photos of a City

I love taking photographs and making things look pretty. I’ve never owned an SLR camera or anything like it, just camera phones and point-and-shoots. But tomorrow I am going on a photo-taking walk around downtown with my friend Hafeez. I’m super excited!

He’s going to show me a few technical tricks and we are going to take photos of buildings and places in downtown Vancouver. He posted a really nice shot on Instagram of some buildings on a street I used to work on years ago and it was really angular but still had the old 1910 style to it. I commented that I loved photographs of buildings and architecture, and we ended up setting up an afternoon to take some.

I’ve decided I’m going to do a wall collage in my living room to replace this awful print canvas art over my sofa. I’d like to get some photos I’ve taken in cities I’ve visited and frame them in different sizes and then hang them in a collage. I have some I took last summer in Chicago that turned out really well, and I have some of Seattle a few years ago. Thinking of a trip to Portland later this summer, so all these would make a nice collection.

The sun going down my first night in Chicago. I knew I was in love.
The sun going down my first night in Chicago. I knew I was in love.
Chicago subway. My friends and I took quite a few photos at the subway stations we were at.
Downtown Chicago
I loved this city. The architecture is beyond amazing.

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